Laundromat - Shefford Sweater

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Raglan sleeves with contrasting cotton stripes and large pockets, give this light knit sweater a sporty look. Cotton lined for comfort and warmth. 100% wool.

Shefford Sweater Features:

  • raglan sleeves
  • large hood
  • stand up collar
  • 2 large pockets
  • cotton lining
  • hand knit
  • contrast trim
  • 100% natural wool

Kid's sizing - Sweaters











  A (length)



20 22

  B (chest)


13.5 14.5 15.5

  C (sleeve)

14 16 18


* For longer swearter add 3.5 inches on the length (A)                                     

Laundromat wants to help you look your best while fighting off the cold.  Since 2000 we have been combining our Canadian designs with the skills and talents of knitters from Nepal in order to bring you some of the best handknits around.

Our overall mission, however, goes beyond style and comfort.  We are committed to ensuring that all parties involved in our business are treated respectfully, fairly and equitably.  You can rest easy knowing that our colour dyes are eco-friendly, that our products are made with 100% natural wool, and that those who make our products are treated with respect, paid fairly and work in a healthy environment.  We invite you to take comfort in our knitwear.

Laundromat is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation