All Things Being Eco - Superior Soap Nuts

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    • There are about 30-33 soapnuts in 100g
    • If you use a wash bag with 4-5 soapnuts and you use it 4 times you will be able to wash about 30 loads of laundry with this size.  (I have used a batch of soapnuts up to 7 times so this is a conservative figure)
    • you can make 4-6 litres or quarts of soapnut liquid. If you use 2T of liquid for a load of laundry this gives you about 160 washes     2T is what I use for a full load of laundry.  Not much?  Think about what would happen if you added 2T of garlic to your wash...
    • you can make soapnut paste out of the used soapnuts