Golden Cactus - Bracelet Sets In A Can

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If you want to live both a unique experience and an original present, this is the perfect surprise gift to impress your friends. The concept of Golden Cactus is to offer you a selection of quality bracelets in a package that you will definitely enjoy! 

In each tin can, you will find a neat presentation made of shredded wood strings, a pretty linen pouch with the Golden Cactus logo, and 3 carefully matched bracelets. Each of the boxes contains its own combination of bracelets that harmoniously matches its design. Our bracelets are assembled by hand with fine beads of different colors. They are mounted on an elastic base to perfectly fit your wrist. A large choice of models is offered according to the tastes and personality of the person who will receive this unique surprise gift. 

At Golden Cactus, we want to make the unveiling of the gift as important as the gift itself. By taking the time to open the tin can, you make the suspense last longer and the experience becomes unique. 

Enjoy the unveiling!


Bracelet with natural white stones and semi-precious aqua stones pendant.

Bracelet with semi-precious stones green and grey.

Bracelet with Howlite stones and glass pendant.


Bracelet with round Amazonite stones with clear crystal quartz pendant.

Bracelet with white, aqua and wood beads.


Bracelet with semi-precious stones with Druzy quartz pendant.

Bracelet with gold tone plating beads.

Bracelet with Howlite stones and gold color pendant.


Bracelet with green and grey semi-precious stones.

Bracelet with semi-precious green/blue stones and gold tone pating.

Bracelet with Amazonite stones.


Bracelet with sunstone.

Bracelet with grey natural stones and gold color ring.

Bracelet with semi-precious pink stones and gold tone plating.