You don't have to go to Japan (or some other far-off sauna-obsessed exotic locale) to get a few well-deserved moments of deep breathing. Welcome to our little collection of relaxicative (not a word, but whatev's) goodies and bring the 10-count close to home.

In the olden days, Men were from Mars & Women were from Venus.  That was, of course, until Tinder & Bumble erased the planets & paved a freeway directly to la chambre. We won't judge.  In fact, we got your back.  Here's some fuel to help take the flame all the way to firework.

Who would eat this duck? Not you - and we applaud you for that. In a world that houses an equal amount of problems as there are omnivores, you, my friend, are a novel solution. In your honour (and also for your shopping convenience), here's a meat-free garden o' products that's sure to get your veggies growing.

The anti-magnetic din of our technical world can cause any one of us to blow the odd fuse or two. Fear not intrepid traveler, we've set aside a few choice items for when you've decided to trade it all in for a ride on the good-ship Wanderlust.