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4Ocean - Vaquita Porpoise Bracelet


Vaquita porpoises are the most endangered marine mammal in the world. With as few as 10 individuals remaining, their biggest threats come from gillnets used to illegally catch the also endangered totoaba fish.

When you purchase a Vaquita Porpoise Bracelet, you’ll pull one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines, and help raise awareness about the dire need to protect our oceans and our wildlife from plastic.

Vaquita porpoises live in one tiny corner of the ocean known as the Gulf of California. Nicknamed “the panda of the sea” for the distinct dark marks around their eyes and mouth, these porpoises are the smallest and most endangered cetacean in the ocean.

Nearly one in five vaquitas perish after becoming entangled in plastic gillnets. Overfishing of the totoaba fish is the main reason why vaquitas are so critically endangered today. The totoaba is also critically endangered so international trade has been banned. However, continued demand for their swim bladders, which can sell for $4,000 a pound, has led to illegal fishing operations in the vaquita’s habitat.

With as few as 10 vaquitas left, researchers say it’s possible for these porpoises to go extinct in our lifetime. We cannot afford to have even one more of these animals become entangled in plastic fishing gear. Their story is just one more heartbreaking example of why an urgent and proactive solution to plastic pollution and other man-made threats is crucial to the future of this planet. 

    4Ocean - Vaquita Porpoise Bracelet
    4Ocean - Vaquita Porpoise Bracelet

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