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Staple papers – without the staples!

Each year, billions of staples of thrown away and sent to landfills – causing harm to the environment.
The Eco Stapler revolutionizes how you fasten papers together! That’s because, it doesn’t use any staples at all!
How it works

The Stapleless Stapler works on up to 5 sheets of paper, and it uses only the paper its “stapling” to fasten it together. Just use it like a regular stapler. It punctures the hole like a hole-punch. Instead of discarding the excess paper, it actually ties and binds it to all the papers you’re “stapling.”
Great for all paper types

  • Tracing Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Computer Paper
  • Construction Paper
Benefits of the Stapleless Stapler

>   Metal staples need to be manufactured from pollution-spewing factories. The Eco Stapler doesn’t      require any staples, which means there’s no metal mining and manufacturing needed.
>   Staples often get thrown away – while the extra paper from the Eco Stapler is eco-friendly because it       can be recycled.

>   Eco Stapler can be used at the home, school or office – giving you more opportunities to be       environmentally friendly!