Blue Planet Eyewear - Luci Blue Light Blockers

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Protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays while using all of your devices with these stylish Blue Light Filtering frames.  Luci is a gentle cat-eye shape. Available in clear lens

Sunglasses and readers have undoubtedly become more of a fashion statement for the style conscious, but they are undeniably a necessity when it comes to seeing more clearly and protecting eyes from the sun, as well as the elements. Unfortunately, most are manufactured with materials such as plastic, metal and paint that leave behind large deposits of waste—often toxic—which contribute to a growing global crisis. According to the website, The World Counts, every year a colossal 2.12 billion tons of waste is dumped in landfills and the world's oceans. If put on trucks, this waste would wrap around the world 24 times. Though statistics like this are alarming, they are also becoming more transparent as a new generation of companies like Blue Planet Eyewear emerge to tackle some of the planet's most challenging problems. Building a thriving business around a mission to relieve the burden of waste, as well as help those who are visually impaired, Blue Planet Eyewear pushes the boundaries of change with fun and affordable products that have more than one purpose.


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