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Better than any fidget spinner!There is a power to darkness that brings things normally unseen to light. That’s the principle behind our Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty. Plain white in daylight, these putties come alive with hypnotic colors that magically appear in the dark. Expose them to light (the brighter the better) and they will glow for hours.

Amber, Glow in the Dark 2 inch tin

Amber is tree sap that’s been fossilized over eons. Oftentimes, this fossilized resin includes insects, such as ancient ants, flies, or mosquitoes that lived millions of years ago.

The allure of amber has to do with its timelessness but also its pretty glow, which is attributable to the stone’s phosphorescent properties.

Just like the rare white version of the stone, Amber Thinking Putty starts out white and glows like the golden version in the dark.

Krypton, Glow in the Dark 2 inch tin

Krypton is a noble gas that prefers to stand on its own and rarely plays with others.

When stimulated with electricity, this natural element glows brightly and reliably.

From light sabers to kryptonite, Krypton’s unique green spectra have inspired many pop culture and sci-fi favorites, including our own Krypton Thinking Putty!

White by day, this putty glows the signature green in the dark.

Ion, Glow in the Dark, 2 inch tin

Atoms are the particles from which everything in the physical world is made.

When an atom interacts with a physical force like heat or electricity, it becomes an ion.

Ions have positive or negative charges and are always looking to become neutral again.

This is why the filaments of a plasma ball always move towards your hand.

Need to find your balance? Try Ion Thinking Putty.

It’s white in daylight and glows a beautiful turquoise hue to help you find your center in the dark.

Aura, Glow in the Dark 2 inch tin

 The idea of an aura surrounding living things has been around for centuries.

In modern times we have discovered the combination of living objects and electricity can create an unseen world of shadows and violet light.

This is an aura which can be captured on film.

Connect to your invisible energy with Aura Thinking Putty.

White by day, it glows a mystical purple at night to help tap into your creative potential.