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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Mini Illusions

Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld

Better than any fidget spinner! What do an oil slick, a lava pit, and insect anatomy have in common? It’s something called thin-film interference, which is caused by light waves that are reflected and refracted by a veiled or structurally complex coating. Often called iridescence, this phenomenon causes all of these things to shift colors right before your eyes. It’s also the secret behind our amazing Super Illusions Thinking Putty.

Super Scarab, Super Illusions 2 inch tin

The ancient Egyptians were amazed by the scarab beetle.

Its beautiful, color-shifting exoskeleton — which mirrors light in tones of purple, blue, red, and copper — appeared magical and beyond the powers of man.

Often used in Egyptian art and religion, the scarab symbolized the restoration of life and was used for amulets, talismans, and jewelry.

Super Scarab Thinking Putty is a modern interpretation of this colorful icon that's sure to leave you as spellbound as its namesake.

Super Fly

Musca Domestica (commonly known as a housefly) has thousands of individual visual receptors called ommatidia. These receptors create what is known as a compound eye, which is capable of an almost 360-degree view and incredibly speedy sight.

Named for the creature with the fastest vision in the world, Super Fly Thinking Putty will put your eyes to the test!

Shimmering tones of metallic green and black give way to gray and silver, just like the body of a common fly.

But look again and you’ll see tones of peach, mauve, and pink refracting off of its pearly sheen.

Super Lava, Super Illusions 2 inch tin

When geothermal energy heats rock deep within the Earth, the molten result is called lava.

Lava takes many forms, but the most well known erupts from a volcano or fissure in the surface of a planet.

The color of lava depends on its temperature and will shift shades as it cools.

Bright orange gives way to crimson copper.

A dark, brownish red fades to black as the lava shifts from a liquid to solid.

Experience this amazing color shift for yourself with Super Lava Thinking Putty. 


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Mini Illusions
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Mini Illusions
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Mini Illusions
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Mini Illusions Super Fly All Things Being Eco

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