ECOS - Dishmate Hypoallergenic Bamboo Lemon Dish Liquid

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New scent! ECOS™ Dishmate™ Bamboo Lemon is concentrated with powerful, plant-derived cleaning agents; a few drops on your sponge can clean a whole sinkful of dishes! And that’s not all – ECOS™ Dishmate™ doubles as a hand soap too. Plus, our brand new Bamboo Lemon variety is unique and refreshing; fans of citrus scents will fall in love at first sniff!

Ingredients: Water,  Sodium Coco Sulfate (plant-derived surfactant), Cocamidopropylamine Oxide (plant-derived surfactant), Lauramine Oxide (plant-derived surfactant), Coco Betaine (plant-derived surfactant), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative), Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate (plant-derived water softener), Natural Fragrance, Citric Acid (plant-derived pH adjuster), Limonene (essential oil component), Citral (essential oil component).

Put a few drops of ECOS™ Dishmate™ on a clean sponge, brush, or washing cloth after wetting. Then scrub and rinse dishes.

To lift and loosen stuck-on food residue or set-in grease stains, fill pot or pan with hot water and a few drops of ECOS™ Dishmate™. Let sit for 24 hours. Then dump water/soap mixture into the sink and wipe down the affected pot or pan.

For soaking smaller dishes, fill your sink (or a very large pot) with hot water and a few drops of ECOS™ Dishmate™. Put the affected dish into the water/soap mixture, and let soak for no more than 24 hours.