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The Arc Metal Earrings offer a unique focal point to any outfit. With their semi-circle design made of mixed metal, these drop earrings are easily hooked through the lobe and hang neatly from your ear. This delicate lightweight earring is a versatile piece, lending itself to be dressed up for a special occasion.

This style is made by hand in Seoul, Korea by a small family owned factory. The techniques used to make this piece include casting, polishing and high quality plating. The end result is a super light, durable piece that maintains its colour even if worn on a regular basis.

4 x 2 cm

Mixed Metal Alloy

This piece is made from a metal alloy that contains brass and zinc however is nickel free. You should avoid abrasive surfaces to ensure the surface doesn't scratch and keep the item in a pouch or cloth when it isn't worn. The metal is excellent quality however you should take care when removing jumpers or scarves to try not to pull on it too hard!