Fresh Freshener - Natural Essential Oil Car Air Freshener

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Tired of those boring trees? Looking for something cooler, more expressive, fresher? So were we! That's why we created Fresh Fresheners! Designer air freshener collections to keep your car smelling fresh and your sense of self expression alive! 
Whether you want your pup hanging from your rear view mirror or just looking for something sexy to pimp your ride we've got it all!Based in Las Vegas we're all about show, glamour, and the freedom to design your car the way you want it! Dedicated to making quality designer air fresheners no matter what you drive.
Enough with those trees! Its time for something better. Its time for something from this century. Its time for fresh fresheners.
Besides priding ourselves in our creative designs and our local manufacturing right here in the USA, we also take great pride in the materials we use and the overall quality of our products. We use only environmentally safe materials as well as the finest premium essential oils to scent our designs. 
Our products are child safe and non-carcinogenic! But please, do not eat them. 
  • Made in the USA
  • Scented with premium essential oils
  • Elastic band for easy hanging

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