Goo-Goo Baby - G2 Wave Stainless Steel Grow Bottle System

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System Includes:

  • one silicone bottle sleeve
  • one medium flow Avent style silicone nipple for babies
  • one Avent style no-leak sippy spout for toddlers
  • one universal BPA free wide-mouth adapter for nipples and soft sippy spouts
  • one BPA-free nipple adapter lid
  • one BPA free no-leak flip spout lid and straw for ages 2+ with handle (lid can be used with or without straw)
  • one stainless steel looped lid with bonus carabineer hook to make carrying easy
  • one 350 ml stainless steel bottle stamped with fluid measurements in ounces inside


G2 WAVE Bottle Specifications - Improved with more accessories!

  • BPA-free & eco-friendly
  • high-quality food grade #304 stainless steel
  • capacity: 12 fluid ounces (350 ml)
  • size: 5” H (w/o cap) x 2.75” W
  • stainless bottle opening diameter: 1.75" (44 mm)
  • weight: 4 ounces
  • slim design fits most bottle & cup holders
  • reusable & 100% recyclable
  • healthy option for babies and young children