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Jeremyville is about simple, poignant messages told through instantly recognizable art, imagery and characters.

Jeremyville connects on a deep, personal level. It has gained a global cult status as a result of the true uniqueness of the art and design style which starts with a simple pen drawing in the sketchbook of Jeremyville, the enigmatic artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

The art of Jeremyville contains basic and universal themes and messages of positivity, social change, environmental action and inner strength, as well as observations of daily life on the streets of our cities and in the landscapes of our hearts.

The Jeremyville stance is about positivity and individuality. Jeremyville is not a place or a town, rather it is a state of mind.

Jeremyville characters and their many iconic expressions such as Free Hugs, Stay Up, Forever & Always and Stay Furry have touched the hearts and minds of an international following that transcends age and cultural barriers. The brand has built up a global cult following over the years, with roots in the skate, sneaker culture, popart, high end design and fine art.

The Jeremyville universe is made up of various design styles and creative stories that attract varying age groups and demographics. Some high profile brands and companies that have worked with Jeremyville include Apple, Disney, Nickelodeon, Adidas, UNIQLO, Kiehl’s, Mercedes Benz & Samsung.

Each card is printed with soy ink on post consumer recycled paper

Jeremyville cards are 4-1/2" x 6-1/4", ecofriendly with a matching colorful envelope.

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