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All Karira Home Bamboo Products are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified to be Free of all Harmful Chemicals during the entire manufacturing process. This ensures that our products are not degrading the environment while ensuring that you're getting the most ecologically friendly product for your home that's also contributing to sustainable economic development.
As a versatile natural resource, bamboo's innovative uses extend far beyond what could have been imagined only a few years ago. As an example, bamboo fabric is now a viable alternative to what was once the exclusive domain of cotton and synthetic materials with a texture as soft as the most luxurious cotton and an appearance similar to that of silk. Below are some of highlights of this versatile, ecologically friendly material.
Bamboo has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties. The bio-agent responsible for these naturally anti-bacterial properties is known as bamboo kun. Bamboo kun is bound within the cells of the bamboo which is why the anti-bacterial properties last so long in bamboo fabric. It makes the fabric naturally resistant to bacteria, and scientific tests have shown that high percentage of bacteria incubated on bamboo fabric doesn't survive because of these inherent properties. This makes bamboo products made from 100% bamboo fabric, such as bed sheets and bath towels, ideal for people with allergies, skin conditions and other sensitivities . With the fabric unable to host the bacteria and allergens that cause these reactions, people are able to find a healthy and ecologically friendly alternative to traditional fabrics.
Breathable and Absorbent:
Bamboo fibre is both breathable and absorbent due to the unique cross-sectional weave of the fibre. Bamboo fibre has numerous micro gaps and holes resulting in fabrics with better absorption and ventilation properties. This allows bamboo sheets to feel cooler in the summer while not sticking to your skin the way some synthetic fabrics and cottons can. Furthermore, Because the fabric wicks away at the moisture, keeping the skin cool and dry, this also makes the bamboo sheets warmer during the cooler months. Breathable bamboo fabric also remains odorless, even when attacked by odor-causing bacteria.
Economical and Ecological:
Last but certainly not least, Bamboo fabric is one of the most economical and ecological products available. Because of how it grows, there is only a fraction of the time and resources spent on producing bamboo for fabric as there is for cotton. Bamboo does not require large amounts of water or the pesticides that cotton requires. Bamboo fabric is ecologically friendly and 100% biodegradable. The fibres used to make bamboo fabric don't use chemical additives or conditioners. Less water is wasted for irrigating bamboo, with no chemical runoff as chemicals aren't needed. Economical, ecological, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and long-lasting, bamboo fabric is leading the way towards a more ecological alternative to traditional fabrics now and in the years to come.