Laststraw - Reusable Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw in Case

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Laststraw is Canada's  reusable, collapsible straw. Our mission is to reduce the use of plastic straws by providing a convenient and polished alternative. We hope to bring a solution to the ideological shift away from single-use plastics that are wreaking havoc on the world’s oceans.

BPA Free

•Dishwasher Safe


• One Laststraw

• Aluminum Carrying Case

• Cleaning Tool

Orca: Inspired by the beautiful mammal of the west coast. This black case will give you the confidence in any situation

Great Lakes: Inspired by the Nations water's. Great Lakes brings you a beautiful blue case

Oh Canada: Inspired by nations flag. Oh Canada brings you a beautiful red case

Oyster pearl: Inspired by our fishermen and fisherwomen of eastern Canada. This metallic silver casing will be sure to catch the eye of others

Rocky Mountain: This product is inspired by our beautiful mountains. This dark grey case will go with you on any trip you make

Wild Rose: Inspired by Alberta's Flower. Wild Rose brings you a beautiful pink case