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Les Jardins de Jaqueline - Soap of Marseille

Les Jardins de Jacqueline

Our Marseille Extra Pur soap is manufactured in Marseille according to the traditional manufacturing process of cooking with pots.

It is 100% of natural origin, based on exclusively vegetable oils, without dye, without perfume or preservative.

Marseille soap with olive oil is an ecological, biodegradable and environmentally friendly product. Soft for the skin, its hypoallergenic formulation is highly appreciated by allergic, sensitive or irritated skins and is suitable for the whole family! Used for personal hygiene or as a cleaning product, for laundry or home, Marseille soap is a very economical and traditional effective product that is preserved for a long time.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmae *, Aqua (Water), sodium Palm Kernelate *, sodium Chloride, sodium Hydroxide.

Les Jardins de Jaqueline - Soap of Marseille All Things Being Eco Chilliwack Zero Waste Soaps

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