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Life Without Plastic - Adjustable Juco Sandwich Bag

Life Without Plastic

Discover the wonderful properties of juco. This exclusive sandwich bag is made of juco, a new eco fabric composed of 75% jute and 25% cotton. It offers the best properties of jute, such as durability and water resistance, while having a finer weave and softer texture thanks to the presence of cotton. It is strong and reusable and its high jute content - the production of which has a low carbon and water footprint - makes its overall environmental impact very low. Jute is one of the most important natural fibres in the world and is a completely sustainable resource. Jute crops are mainly rain-fed with little need for fertilizers or pesticides. This juco sandwich bag is completely plastic-free. No velcro, no nylon lining, just juco fabric, a cotton string loop and two wooden buttons to adjust the size of the bag to either a large sandwich or a small snack of nuts or fruits.

Additional Information:

Dimensions: Length x Width x Height: 17.5 X 23 cm / 6.9" X 9.1"

Materials: Juco (75% jute, 25% cotton), wooden buttons.

Care Instructions: Machine washable in cold water. Line dry.

Life Without Plastic - Adjustable Juco Sandwich Bag All Things Being Eco Chilliwack Zero Waste Living Store and Refillery Since 2008

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