Masontops - Complete Kombucha Starter Kit

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  • Includes 1 Red Reusable Kombucha Lid, 1 SCOBY, 2 Black Tea Bags, Cane Sugar, and a Thermometer 
  • Includes all Ingredients to Activate SCOBY - Lid and SCOBY can then be Reused to Make Endless Amounts of Kombucha! 
  • Designed for Wide Mouth Canning Jars (Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.)
  • Unique 2-Piece Lid - Consists of a Screen Disc Lid and a Gray Tough Band Screw Band
  • Made of Food-Safe BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe Plastic 

*Please note the lid included is red, not green or blue. 

Kombucha is a refreshing drink made of fermented sweet tea. It's rich in healthy bacteria and probiotics, and is a great digestive. A simple black tea, green tea or oolong tea can be used to make kombucha, and then it can be flavored into endless possibilities with fruit, juice, and herbs. 

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