Merben - Fruit and Veggie Brush

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Our brushes are:


Each brush is assembled in Sri Lanka, in a factory where workers are 18+ and never discriminated against based on gender, religion, language or cast. Most of the women employed have children and are given flexible working hours. Those who are unable to get to the factory due to family obligations (e.g. in charge of caring for a sick parent or baby) are given the opportunity to work from home.


Each body brush handle is fashioned from timber castoffs intended for landfill and treated with nontoxic paint sealer.

*Our handmade, natural coconut brush is ideal to clean your tasty fruits and vegetables. The firm fibres scrub away undesirable dirt and pesticides, leaving the nutritious skins intact.*

Coconut fiber (COURSE)
Coir or Coco is the material found between the inner shell and outer shell of a coconut. The fiber is relatively waterproof and one of the few vegetable fibers naturally resistant to fungus and mites, making it ideal for use in the kitchen and bathroom. The coconuts we use are grown by small-scale Sri Lankan farmers, who employ local mills to extract the fiber, which strengthens their economy.