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Mother Ease - Swim Diaper

Mother Ease

This is one of "Cabree's Picks" because it's been tried and tested by two of my boys. Regular swim diapers are clunky, heavy and garbage! The Mother Ease swim diaper keeps in the poop with its super fine mesh lining that fits snug around little ones waist and legs without being tight and uncomfortable. Easy to take off in the the event of it being USED for what it's meant for. Also you don't need to go through all of the size will last a long time as they grow. The adjustable snaps allow for prolonged use.

Our reusable Swim Diapers are your perfect solution to contain those messy accidents - keeping the pool water clean!

Mother ease swim diapers are made of soft stretchy bathing suit material which allows water to escape, unlike most other brands with a restrictive, "ballooning effect" waterproof layer.

Our swim diapers have a soft elasticized waist and legs for a comfortable fit. They're thin, lightweight, and have a series of adjustable waist and leg snaps that open along the sides. They can either be worn alone as a bathing suit or under your baby's bathing suit.


  • Quick and easy clean-up
  • Quick drying
  • Two separate lines of elastic protecting against leaks
  • Soft & gentle elastics create a snug fit
  • Snug fit helps contain solid matter and are approved for public pools
  • No Absorbency - nothing weighing your little one down as they learn to swim
  • Lifetime warranty on snaps
  • Separate waist and leg snap adjustments
Mother ease - Swim Diaper splashing daisy
Mother ease - Swim Diaper sunburst explosion
Mother ease - Swim Diaper tidal wave
Mother ease - Swim Diaper Tiny Bubbles
Mother Ease - Swim Diaper
Mother Ease - Swim Diaper Brazilian Rhythm
Mother Ease - Swim Diaper Aloha
Mother Ease - Swim Diaper Blue
Mother Ease - Swim Diaper Marine

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