Namastie - 8 Pack Hair Ties

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NAMASTIE was founded on the belief that hair ties should not get lost in single-sock-land. Instead, they should be available when you need them – on the go and without having to search long. They should also serve as the perfect accessory to any outfit.

In addition, we felt that hair ties should neither hurt the hair, nor your wrist when you want your mane to flow freely for a little while.
That’s how NAMASTIE came to life.

Our hair ties are soft to the touch, are the perfect size for thick and thin hair, look beautiful in your hair and on your wrist and do not hurt when you pull them out of your hair.
What more could one ask for?

Made from a soft elastic blend that provides the perfect pop without slipping or tugging at your tresses, these hair ties are just as functional as they are fashionable. Made with a no-break, double-stitched seam, they are slip-free, won’t fray and are easy to hand wash. They’ll keep your pony, braids or buns in place and will make sure those pesky fly-aways are kept in check. Gift these little lovelies in a loot bag, add them as a stocking stuffer or simply spoil yourself with a cute way to elevate your laidback look. So, whether you’re striking a mountain pose or simply running errands, your casual updo will always sport a hint of style… and before long, “Namastie” is guaranteed to become your new mantra.

Yogi - Downward dog your way into high ponytail style with our colorful collection of Yogi hair elastics. These bold and brilliant hair ties will elevate your chakra and enhance any casual-chic look. 

Sportive - Your outdated scrunchy days at the gym are officially over! You’ll never strike out with these sporty, stylish and oh-so-vibrant hair ties. Not only will they keep those annoying fly-aways in place while you sweat it out, but they’ll make sure your laidback look is always on point.

Sophisticated - Subtle and refined, our Sophisticated medley of hair elastics is made for today’s cool and cultured woman. These hair ties might look delicate and understated, but they pack some serious style punch. Whether you’re dressed down for spinning class or dressed up for girls’ night, accent your classic updo with one of these perfectly pretty hair ties.

Ocean Lover - Surf, sand and Oceanlover hair ties, the perfect trio for any true-blue addict. Hand-knotted from soft and stretchy elastic that won’t fray and that is extremely gentle on your lovely locks, these sea-inspired hair ties are a perfect way to dress up your casual coif. They’re ideal for all hair textures and lengths and are just the right size for most ponytails, pigtails, buns and braids. Little girls love them because they’re bright and beautiful and totally ouchless, and practical gals can’t get enough because they’re stylish, trendy and amazing for everyday use.

Equestrian - Ride your way into style with your perfectly pulled-back pony(tail). The earthy, yet lady-like, hues in this hair tie ensemble will add plenty of color to your gorgeous mane.  Equestrian hair tie is the ideal accessory to hold your tresses in place as you gallop into aerobics class, race to the supermarket or jump hurdles to get to that meeting on time. 


  • Made of: 70% Nylon and 30% Spandex
  • Slip-free, wont fray and easy to hand wash
  • Hand-knotted, one-size-fits-all hair elastics that are perfect for hair of different textures