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Nude Food Movers - Lunch Container 1l

Nude Food Movers

Healthy eating, healthy planet is the core message of Nude Food Movers and we are dedicated to the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Nude Food Movers have every type of meal covered, including lunch and snacks at school, at work and on the go. The Lunch Collection features One bowl, endless possibilities. Perfect for salads, soup, pasta, and last night’s leftovers. Quality faux ceramic finish – the thick, solid textured walls provide the look and weightiness of a handcrafted ceramic bowl. Engineered to emulate a sleek and stylish café style bowl, creating a restaurant dining experience with every use. Rubber seals prevent leaks and spills with 4 discreet locking clips to secure contents. Micro vent efficiently releases air during microwaving and prevents splatters when reheating. 100% free of BPA, phthalate and lead – be confident knowing that your food is safe.
Size/Capacity: 1L/34oz
Nude Food Movers - Lunch Container 1l Reusable Food Container All Things Being Eco
Nude Food Movers - Lunch Container 1l Zero Waste Food Storage All Things Being Eco

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