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Re-Play - Snack Stack Travel Lid


Want to make travel a breeze with your favorite snack container? Now you can purchase the new Travel Snack Stack Lid!

Stackable snack cups are great for all ages and can hold anything from baby formula, and toddler snacks, to pet treats or just about any other treat that can be taken on-the-go! The versatile Snack Stack system can expand to your children's needs. It's the perfect companion for errands, day trips or even the blanket fort that's permanently set up in your living room. All Re-Play Snack Stacks are made from recycled milk jugs (HDPE recycled plastic) and are available in a wide variety of colors. Mix and match to create a vibrant stack!



  • Attaches to strollers, diaper bags and backpacks
  • Made from recycled milk jugs (HDPE recycled plastic) & recycled FDA approved polypropylene
  • Includes 1 Snack Stack lid

Please Note: Our Re-play items are shipped without standard retail packaging usually seen in stores to save on cost and cut down on waste.

Did you know that one pound of recycled milk jugs saves enough energy to charge an electric car for 6 hours!?! Re-Play products help to reduce greenhouse gases and save energy.

Re-Play - Snack Stack Travel Lid
Re-Play - Snack Stack Travel Lid Accessory Zero Waste Living for the Family

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