Second Yoga Jeans - Classic Rise Rachel Ankle in Seaweed

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  • Contemporary rise 27" skinny leg yoga jeans
  • Yoga Jeans aim to elevate your jean experience, to feel beautiful, confident, sexy and comfortable
  • These contemporary rise jeans are meant to fit and flatter every body
  • Rise: 9"
  • Inseam: 27"
  • Fabric: 82.9 % cotton, 14.8% polyester, and 2.3% lycra
  • Made in Canada

Founded in 2000, Yoga Jeans is a premium Canadian denim brand. Founder, Eric Wazana, introduced “comfort” to today’s world of denim by fusing perfect fit, diagonal stretch and sexiness into one pair of jeans, creating what is now known as every retailer’s coveted secret: Yoga Jeans. Embracing the body’s natural movements, Yoga Jeans are designed to leave every woman feeling sexy, confident and comfortable. Today, Second’s international success is taking over the world of denim one pair of legs at a time, generating a loyal fan base of Yoga Jeans enthusiasts.