Sitti Soap - Bar Soap With Soap Dish

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When you just can't decide, then buy both! Our all-natural olive oil Sitti Soap Bar packaged together with our Wooden Soap Dish and finished off with a decorative ribbon, are a match made in heaven.

Each Dish+Bar set is tied with a ribbon and ready to give away as a last-minute gift or buy the duo to add a finishing touch to your bath.

Our Sitti Soap Bars are handmade using the traditional cold-press "Nabulsi" method, passed down from generation-to-generation of Palestinian women. We source our olive oil from local farms in Jerash, Jordan. Each Wooden Soap Dish is crafted by our local carpenter, Hassan, at the Jerash Camp Rehabilitation Centre woodworking shop.

Soap Ingredients: 100% pure Jordanian Olive Oil, Water (aqua), Lye (sodium hydroxide) Loofah Plant (optional).

*No additives, preservatives, artificial fragrances, alcohol, animal by-products, or perfumes. 100% Vegan.

Loofah, also spelled Luffa, is a coarse, fibrous material, used like a bath sponge for an all-natural exfoliating experience.

Pine Wooden DishOur Pine wooden dish is a natural uncoated soft, pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained.

Oak Wooden Dish. Our Oak wooden dish is a dense and strong durable uncoated wooden tray. The wood is very resistant to fungal attack because of its high tannin content. It also has very appealing grain natural markings.


Sitti is a social enterprise that provides fair-wage employment opportunities to women refugees in the Middle East. We aim to empower and restore hope to refugee communities through the making of olive oil soap and other timeless products.* With Sitti, you’re not just purchasing soap; you’re providing underprivileged women with a sustainable means of income and a chance to hope once again.

*100% vegan. ethical purchasing . no animal testing . biodegradable . paraben free . phthalate free . dye free . alcohol free.