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Skin is Skin - Lip Balm

Skin Is Skin

Ok, this may not be obvious, but this is how it works.

We infuse each premium lip balm with an important additional ingredient…this one has curiosity. We hope each time you take care of your lips, you are reminded to also switch on our curiosity, an essential ingredient in un-doing the habit of unconscious bias.

In addition to its job keeping your lips hydrated and soft, 50% of profits go to organizations working to end discrimination.

Talk about multi-tasking!

Bias and discrimination are a by-product of our culture today. Most stereotypes have been built over time since we were born.

Our scientists have found that even when your values strongly oppose prejudice, stereotypes and bias still pop into your mind; our spontaneous responses are at odds with our values and beliefs. It’s important to bring these sub-conscious ideas into your conscious mind so you can start to change the habit.

Like any bad habit you want to change, it requires first admitting you have it in the first place.

This is not about feeling guilty. This is about recognizing how complicated the brain is and how persistently culture reinforces these stereotypes all around us.

Skin is Skin - Lip Balm
Skin is Skin - Lip Balm

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