Zen Natural Wellness - Himalayan White Salt Lamp

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White Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps are made with white semi-precious rock that can be easily used with white, blue, or other colored bulbs. Most lamps are used as Home Décor and for Ambience. Snow White Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp can help boost your mood with white or blue light, glowing from real Himalayan salt crystals. 

May help with seasonal affective disorder by improving mood with light (S.A.D.S)

Can also use different colored bulbs to enhance mood with white, blue, or other colored bulbs (sold separately)

All Lamps come with the following:

1 x 15-watt blue bulb

Rotary dimmer switch

No two are alike due to the nature of rock, color, size, and weight may vary. 


*please note these can only be shipped to CANADIAN residents*