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There’s lots of information out there about shopping local, buying Canadian-made products, and the impact on our overall carbon footprint. We know, we’ve done the research.

The problem with shopping local is… sorry, we’ve got nothing.

The benefits of shopping local will always outweigh the arguments made against it. When you buy Canadian products from a local business you contribute to your community’s economy, its aesthetic, and to the reduction of waste.

Plenty of folks before us have come up with the top ten, or top six reasons to buy local. And these lists hold up. But what does that mean for buying here in Chilliwack?


Supporting Local Business Means Unique And Personalized Experiences

When you choose to spend money at local businesses, whether it be at All Things Being Eco, a local grocer, bookstore, or another retailer here in town, you put your dollars directly into the community.

The money you spend in our shop is spent at the shop down the street, and so continues the cycle — money stays here.

Buying products from local businesses in town stimulates the small business economy, — these businesses contribute to the quaint appearance of our area.

It’s why you recognize Chilliwack in movies.

Shopping outside the big-box, corporate stores makes your wardrobe unique. Many organic clothing products come from small batch, low yield crops and some items in our store are produced in small factories, or home based businesses. This means less of the product to go around and interesting items in your closet.  For a great example, check out our Nomads Hemp Wear collection. 

You won’t need to worry about showing up in the same outfit as your boss.

You know who you’re buying from. When you call us, you’ll talk to one of the owners. No automated machines or overseas customer service. You get personalized service because we know you, and you know us.

Local Production Positively Impacts The World

We love Canadian-made products for the impact they have on our environment. We put every product on the shelf through our test before you ever get a chance to take it home.

Our first choice is to source products made in Canada, keeping money within the economy. Canadian-made products also reduce cost and the impact of moving these goods around the globe.

Less transportation means less emissions and strain on other limited resources.

  • We can tell you exactly where our products come from.
  • We can tell you where the ingredients were sourced, where it was manufactured, and how it got into our store.
  • We know the process was executed ethically, and is ecologically efficient.
  • We’ve done this research so you don’t have to.

You also throw less away. There is nothing worse than buying a shirt, washing it twice, and having it fall apart. The products we source are made with high quality standards in production and manufacturing. The clothes are developed with organic materials and built to last for years, not weeks.

This means less waste, and less money our of your pocket to replace worn out items.

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