You’ve come this far, you’ve done the research, you’re eyeing up your laundry detergent like it’s diseased.

But overhauling your life to more natural, ethical, and sustainable products can be overwhelming. It can take a toll on your wallet, and your waste. Instead, we suggest following these steps.

Tackle One Product At A Time.

Tallying up the products you use in the morning from the time you jump in the shower to your makeup or styling cream is enough to make your head spin.

Maybe you use soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, moisturizer etc. not to mention the pesticide ridden cotton towel you use to dry yourself off. Suddenly you’ll need 45 new products before you even leave the bathroom.

Instead, replace things one by one as they run out.

Don’t Throw Everything Out.

Don’t tear through your cupboards and closets tossing everything that doesn’t bear the organic label or a low rating on Skin Deep.

If you toss everything with a suspicious label you’ll go broke. Moving toward an eco-friendly home and lifestyle is a journey and no one reaches the finish line on day one.

Plus it creates an incredible amount of waste, which is counter productive for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Use up what you’ve got first.

Look At The Two Rooms Of The House Where You Spend The Most Time.

If you want to start somewhere, think about the two rooms in your house that get the most attention — bathroom and kitchen.

Start addressing products you’re using in there like your personal grooming products, your multi-purpose cleaner or your dishwashing detergent. Consider replacing these first, then move throughout the home.

What’s The One Product Causing The Most Concern?

We ask this question all the time. When someone comes in looking for a change, it’s often because a product they’re using is causing concern. For every person it’s something different — hairspray, makeup, deodorant (we get this one a lot), shampoo, etc.

Once we tackle the first concern, we’ll move on to the next and on it goes.

If You’re Going To Start With Makeup, Start With Foundation And Mascara.

You use them the most and they’re the closest to your bare skin. Or, if you’re a lipstick user, consider starting there — we consume a staggering amount of lipstick and gloss in a lifetime.

We test and research all of our products before we stock them in the store. If you have specific concerns about the effectiveness of a deodorant or moisturizer, ask us. We’ll let you know which ones will work for your needs.

Where To Start For New Moms

Soon-to-be moms are often looking for a belly cream to address stretch marks. We can help with that as a starting point, and add in other products as needed.

Or an expectant mom will buy natural products and clothing for baby but continue to use products rife with toxins on themselves, not realizing that those toxins are passed through mom’s breastmilk to baby.

We take care of mom and baby.

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