The Future is Bamboo - Bamboo + Organic Cotton Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

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Our biodegradable bamboo cotton swabs are perfect for your zero waste household.

Super soft and absorbent for your skin care routine, touching up nail polish, cleaning electronics and delicate baby care.
Useful for crafts, hobbies & travel.
100 pieces.

When cleaning ear, do not enter ear canal. Use only as directed.
Keep out of reach of children.

  •  Biodegradable bamboo and natural cotton
  •  Always VEGAN & Cruelty free & BPA free
  •  Available in white – pink – aqua

Bamboo is cool !

  • Bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides or insecticides.
  • Bamboo forests absorb 35% more CO2 than a regular mixed forest.
  • Bamboo can grow up to 91 cm per day, making it an amazing renewable material!