All Things Being Eco - Bulk Organic Face Oil

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**** Please Note: if you are purchasing this product online, you must remember to purchase a bottle or container to put it in. There are many different styles and sizes in the Zero Waste category for you to choose the one that best suits the quantity you are ordering.

The perfect blend of anti-aging, repairing, restoring and calming oils to moisturize every face. This is Donna's blend that she created for herself and the demand was so great we had to start blending it in 1 litre bottles. 

Apply to face and neck morning and evening.


*Rosehip oil, *Evening Primrose oil , * Jojoba oil, * Sweet Almond oil *Pomegranate oil, *Carrot oil, *Argan oil, * Camellia Seed oil, *Vitamin E oil, * Frankincense, * Orange Sweet, *Myrrh, *Sandalwood, *Vanilla

* organic