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All Things Being Eco - 32oz White Ring Neck Trigger Bottle

All Things Being Eco

We love these 32 oz Natural Ring Neck Cleaner Bottles as they are the perfect way to package your homemade DIY cleaning products, linen sprays, room fragrances, natural cleaners and more! This 32oz Natural Cleaning Bottle is made from HDPE Plastic and features a black trigger sprayer, creating a professional, upscale packaging option for your products.

  • 32 oz Natural Ring Neck Cleaning Bottle with Black Trigger Sprayer
  • Natural Plastic Bottle
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Size: 32 oz. / 946.4 ml
  • Neck Size: 28-400
  • Type: Plastic Cleaning Bottle
  • Comes with a 28-400 Black Spray/Stream/Off Trigger Sprayer

Great for:

  • DIY Cleaning Products
  • Room Sprays
  • Linen Sprays
  • Natural Cleansers

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