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All Things Being Eco - Flat Metal Tin With Lid

All Things Being Eco

 These food grade tin containers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Made in the USA, our tins have rolled edges and seamless construction for safe handling.  Popular uses for these tins for all you DIY'ers are lip balms, skin butters, makeup and of course they are terrific for travel.

1/2oz Dimensions: 1.7" width x .6" height.

1oz. Dimensions: 2" width x .7" height

2oz Dimensions: 2.5" width x .9" height.

4oz. Dimensions: 3” x 1” tall

All Things Being Eco - Flat Tin With Screwtop Lid 2oz Zero Waste Chilliwack
All Things Being Eco - Flat Tin With Lid Zero Waste All Things Being Eco
All Things Being Eco - 4oz. Flat Tin With Screwtop Lid Zero Waste

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