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All Things Being Eco - Bulk Organic Cocoa Butter Wafers

All Things Being Eco

A 100% natural, Organic Cocoa Butter in a convenient to use wafer form. Cocoa Butter is a very hard saturated fat pressed from cocoa beans which lays a protective layer on top of the skin. It helps to hold in moisture while softening and lubricating the skin. Used in Cold Process Soap, Lip Balms and Glosses, Bath Products, Creams and Lotions, Salves and many, many other skin care products. This product is not intended for consumption.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter

 1. Prevents Skin Dryness and Peeling

 2. Heals Chapped Lips

 3. Fights Signs of Aging

 4. Soothes Burns, Rashes and Infections

Recommended Usage:
Lotions & Creams: 5 – 20 %
Balms: 3 – 100 %
Makeup Foundations & Bar Soaps: 5 – 20 %

When adding butters to creams and lotions, it might be necessary to gently warm them until the texture can be incorporated into the final product. Using a hand blender, create a vortex with your cream or lotion and drizzle your melted butter to fully incorporate. For addition in soaps, the general rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon per pound. As with most raw materials, results may vary, so we strongly recommend small, lab scale batches prior to any commercial manufacturing.

Efficacy: Prevents drying of the skin and helps prevent the appearance of fine lines. Reduces the signs of mature skin and maintains skin's supple look. May enhance stability of certain emulsion systems.

Caution: Overheating this product will impact its delicate fragrance. Please melt at as low a heat as possible while stirring gently, and use as soon as it is melted.

Shelf Life: This butter should be stored in a cool dark place and has a shelf-life of 1 year when stored properly.

Note: The appearance of this butter may slightly vary from batch to batch due to natural ingredients present in this product.

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