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All Things Being Eco - White Malibu Tottle with Dispensing Cap

All Things Being Eco

* DUE TO THE WORLD WIDE SHORTAGE OF BOTTLES WE HAVE A LIMIT OF FOUR PER CUSTOMER* if you do purchase more than 4 online, we will refund you the ones that we will not be shipping. 

These white HDPE tottles come with white caps with a flat base allowing the bottles to sit upright without tipping over. The 2.5 and 8 oz tottles come with hinged snap top caps; simply flip the lid open and easily dispense your product by squeezing the sides of the bottle. The HDPE plastic is impact resistant while still being flexible enough to easily squeeze to dispense your product. The 2.5 oz plastic bottles have a 0.125" orifice while the 8 oz has a 0.154" orifice. These tottles could be used to package lotions, sunscreen, creams, hair products, body washes and much more! The wide opening of this tottle makes it easy to fill with whatever product you are creating. These bottles are not see through.

All Things Being Eco 8oz  White Malibu Tottle with Dispensing Cap
All Things Being Eco 2.5oz  White Malibu Tottle with Dispensing Cap

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