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Mango: Exotic and intoxicating the scent of fresh juicy mangos. Cool and refreshing.

Frankincense: the original incense. It’s effects are uplifting centering and purifying with a warm sweet aroma. One of the best scents for creating a meditative space.

Coconut:Yummy coconut.. Totally tropical, poolside cabanas and sun tan lotion.

Cedar Sage: Woodsy, cedar notes, with the wonderfully sweet fresh herbal scent of sage. Grounding, meditative, relaxing. Traditionally used for spiritual cleansing.

Ginger: Smells much like fresh cut Ginger; warm, spicy. This dynamic, fiery fragrance activates will-power, stimulates initiative, and restores determination. 12 stick pack.

Green Tea: fresh, uplifting, & effortlessly chic. Citrus and lightly spicy green tea complement each other exquisitely in this refreshing blend that takes the edge off a hard day.

Lavender: Calming and healing, it has a pure aroma that is floral yet herbal. It balances the mood and clears the mind.

Lemongrass: A fresh grassy citrus scent, with an earthy undertone. Vitalizing,cleansing and uplifting.It inspires and creates fresh energy.

Loganberry: A refreshing twist of sun ripened berries with a spritz of tarty sweetness.

OM: a bouquet of mildly green and earthy florals with a fresh citrus top note. Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Gardenia, the fragrant queen of tropical flowers,are gently balanced with sandalwood.

Patchouli Rose: two classic scents, combined to become something extraordinary. Aged Indian Patchouli, blended with the light sweet scent of blooming roses. Earthy, floral and extremely sensual.

Patchouli: herbaceous and musky in aroma, Patchouli has a satisfying earthy quality, that is great to "ground" a person. Helps with peace of mind and is a great aphrodisiac! Edgy, unique and a classic straight from the 60's that is now enjoying a great resurgence in popularity. Groovy!

Pomegranate: An explosion of tart sweetness that is reminiscent of grapes crossed with plums, combined with a slight floral hint. Refreshing and invigorating.

Sandalwood: used in incense for at least 4000 years. Its effects are relaxing with a woody, sweet and exotic scent. 12 stick pack

White Lotus: sensual, romantic and calming. Using Sandalwood as a base we have created this lush blend. Heady floral notes, grounded by strong low notes of earth and aromatic woods.

Vanilla: A warm, sweet and sexy scent. Vanilla has an amazing calming and aphrodisiac effect. Vanilla is well known for reducing stress and anxiety.

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