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Ganesha's Garden - 100 Pack Incense

Ganesha's Garden

By creatively blending only high-quality pure ingredients, Ganesha's Garden is able to produce amazingly fragrant and clean scents with the broadest appeal. Our scents are truly unlike any others on the market.

We know you will enjoy all of our products. We put love and care into each and every piece we manufacture, and the quality shines through, giving you only the best.

Amber: know as the “King of Scents” it will help you let go of daily concerns and enter the world of sensual arousal or spiritual elevation, depending on the intention. A sweet layered scent, with spicy, earthy rich undertones. Available in a 100 stick bulk pack.

Sweet Orange: delightful fresh orange scent, with a hint of fruit and vanilla.
100 stick bulk pack.

Sandalwood: used in incense for at least 4000 years. Its effects are relaxing with a woody sweet and exotic scent. 100 stick bulk pack.

Rain: clean and fresh blend. Ocean and citrus notes mingle with woods and sexy musk. 100 stick bulk pack.

Shiva: fresh oceanic top notes , combined with deep earthy woods, patchouli , amber and sweet vanilla. 100 stick bulk pack.

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