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Jesse Thom - Some Bunny Loves You Book and CD

Jesse Thom

Simply put, this little book is an absolute gem! It is charming and so heartwarming it will steal your heart. My son loves it just as much as I do. We both felt it made the message of "I love you" special, introducing a cast of cute and eccentric characters. The illustrations are simple and adorable, with splashes of colour.

This book comes with a full-length CD with the song 'Some Bunny Loves You' which my son and I loved instantly the moment we heard it on the book trailer. Jesse Thom has the soothing voice that you can listen to for hours. The rest of the tracklist is made up of beautiful instrumental music, some of which are different variations of 'Some Bunny Loves You'. Each song is so unique, highlighting a musical instrument with the occasional sound effects.

The accordion music of 'Waltz of Chester's Moustache' reminded me of my favorite French composer Yann Tiersen and appealed to my European roots. Liza's Dream with its twinkling bells transported me to a land of soft clouds and multi-coloured rainbows. The flute renditions, especially Gwen in the Glen reminded me of Enya's music. Truly, I enjoyed every single song on this CD and I applaud the musicians for the variety it included. It will appeal to families of various cultures.

This is a beautiful little book that would make the perfect gift for couples expecting their first baby or for any parent with young children that wants a good book with a soundtrack that can be played in their child's room to soothe, to lullabye and to make the imagination soar. I hope Jesse Thom produces more of such quality children's books. This book has the makings of a classic. Highly highly recommended. Visit the author's website for more info and more beautiful music to listen to.
Jesse Thom - Some Bunny Loves You Book and CD
Jesse Thom - Some Bunny Loves You Book and CD

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