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Le Comptoir Aroma - Nuage Humidifier

Le Comptoir Aroma

Say goodbye to dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips the frigid winter months can bring. The Nuage humidifier from Le Comptoir Aroma has an essential oil function and uses ultrasonic waves to create a cool, fragrant mist made of water and essential oils. Have your choice of a cool or warm mist for diffusion coverage of spaces 320 sq.ft. There are 4 diffusion modes and 3 mist levels in this compact yet powerful humidifier that stands at 8.25” high and 7” wide with a length of 11.7”. Using 50ml to 200ml of diffusion per hour with a continuous diffusion of up to 12 hours. Using a humidifier while you sleep can have many health benefits including congestion relief, less dry skin or sinus problems and can help defend your body’s defences against viruses.

Choice of cold or warm mist
Dimensions: Length 11.69 inches x height 8.26 inches x width 6.92 inches
Diffusion coverage: 320 sq. ft.
Continuous diffusion: 12 hours
Cotton pad for essential oils

Choose between cold or warm water. Add essential oil drops to cotton pad a place in chamber.

Keep out of reach of children and pet. Unplug the units when not in use.

Le Comptoir Aroma creates eco-friendly collection of diffusers made of respectful and recyclable materials: bamboo, wood, glass, ceramic, recycled bamboo fiber, recycled plastic. Le Comptoir Aroma also prioritizes simple packaging's and reuse our suppliers boxes to reduce our waste. They are a Canadian family run business and the subsidiary of Groupe Batteur France since 2016, located on the south shore of Montreal.

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