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Le Comptoir Aroma - Ona Nebulizer White

Le Comptoir Aroma

Ona essential oil diffuser releases aromatic molecules using a heat-free method to conserve all the properties of the essential oils. It can be placed anywhere, in a house, office or spa, quickly disinfecting the atmosphere in a up to 1,000 sq. ft. surface area. Use essential oils to create your desired ambiance, mixing or changing them to suit your own whim or the theme of an evening. Ona diffuser uses a silent air pump in a wooden base, and a glass chamber to contain the essential oils. The diffuser also features a regulator.

Finally, a nebulizer, for people looking for a more powerful diffusion mode, without water and designed with ecological materials! The Ona Lemon nebulizer, made of recycled bamboo fiber wood and glass, has everything to please and provide you with the benefits of essential oils.

This type of diffuser works without water. In the container of the nebulizer, add 10 to 15 drops of the formula to be diffused. Start the Ona Lemon nebulizer and let it diffuse for a few minutes, for a maximum of 20 minutes. You can repeat 3 times in the same day. A nebulizer offers maximum efficiency and intensity when diffusing, which is why it should not be used for too long at a time.

  • Manual intensity adjustment
  • Diffusion coverage up to 1 000 sq.ft
  • Recommended for therapeutic use.
  • Recommended use: 20 minutes
  • Dimensions : diameter 4 x height 8 inches
Le Comptoir Aroma - Ona Nebulizer White

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