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Pure Anada - Luminous Bronzers (Loose Minerals)

Pure Anada

Use Pure Anada Bronzers to give your skin a healthy sun-kissed glow. Made of pure, fine minerals, our cheek colors glide on with ease.  Apply our mineral bronzers with a vegan blush brush.

Color Suggestions: The purpose of bronzers is to give your skin a sun-kissed glow.  Apply bronzer to areas of your face where the sun would naturally "kiss" your face. 

Pure Anada "Light" bronzer is for very fair, and porcelain skin tones.  "Medium" bronzer is best for light to medium skin tones.  "Deep" bronzer is recommended for medium to deep skin tones.  Try "Earth" bronzer if you have a very deep, dark skin.   

Pure Anada Loose Bronzer Light
Pure Anada Loose Bronzer Medium
Pure Anada Loose Bronzer Deep
Pure Anada Loose Bronzer Earth

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