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Radius - Kidz Toothbrush, 6 yrs+


The Kidz® echoes the same smart design as our award-winning adult toothbrushes, but specially made for smaller hands and mouths. Certified by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Kidz' fun colors, easy-grip handle and soft bristles make it the perfect fit for children 6 years and older.

  1. None of the Nasties
    You won’t find any of the bad stuff in our Kidz toothbrush. Kidz is 100% BPA free and only uses FDA-approved colors and materials, so brushing is safe, fun and effective every time.
  2. Supersized, Super-Safe Brush Head
    The wide oval brush head is designed to improve gum health by massaging the whole mouth — giving your child’s teeth a total clean. It’s like a trip to the dentist, every day and night.
  3. Kid-Friendly Bristles
    The Kidz’ vegetable-derived bristles are super soft and fine for precision brushing that’s comfortable for growing teeth and gums. The mass of bristles are also uniquely aligned, providing even pressure that reduces chronic bleeding, receding gums and enamel erosion.
  4. Easy for Small Hands to Grip
    That recognizable shape isn’t just for good looks — the Kidz’ easy-to-hold handle complies with the dentist-recommended 45-degree brush-to-tooth angle and the enlarged Thumb-and-Palm design makes it much easier for small hands to grip and control.
Radius - Kidz Toothbrush, 6 yrs+ yellow with white
Radius - Kidz Toothbrush, 6 yrs+ white with purple

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