Radius - Soap Travel Case

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Radius Soap Travel Case is designed to keep your bar of soap securely stashed away and the rest of your luggage suds-free. This slick Soap Travel Case is an in-transit essential wherever you're going. The Soap Travel Case utilizes patented “living hinge” technology for streamlined opening and has a snap lock for secure closure and leak prevention. Look closely, the Soap Travel Case is made from one seamless piece. It’ll last long after the lower-quality alternatives quit, but should you ever choose to dispose of it, recycling is the way to go. Store most major brands of soap, as well as other on-the-go necessities like makeup, medicine, personal grooming tools (think nail scissors and tweezers) and even cereal for mess-free storage or snacking on the go. The Soap Travel Case is BPA free and made from 50% recycled plastic. And, of course, it’s 100% recyclable, too.