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Remede De Marseille - Marseille's Remedy Thieves Oil Blend

Remede De Marseille

Huile Remede de Marseille is an antiseptic, decongestant, and powerful plant extract.

  • Eliminates phlegm and decongests the airways
  • Antispasmodic for the relief of symptoms of digestive disorders
  • Eliminates pathogens in the air and bad odors
  • Antifungal: treatment for feet, hands, scalp, and mold
  • Use as a hand sanitizer or as an all-purpose cleaner
  • May help in the treatment and prevention of topical pestilential conditions
  • Repels moths, lice, worms and fleas


Take 1 drop 1 time a day. Dilute 1 drop (0.05 ml) of Marseille Remedy in 1 tsp (5ml) of honey or apple cider vinegar and consume orally or as recommended by a doctor or healthcare professional.


Combine 1 drop of Marseille Remedy with 1 tsp of vegetable oil, and massage on the skin, muscles and joints.


For coughs and colds, apply 2 to 6 drops of the unsilted product to a tissue/cloth and inhale. As an alternative diffuse in boiling water or in a diffuser of essential oils.

Medicinal Ingredients:

Clove oil*, lemon oil*, Genuine cinnamon bark oil*, Eucalyptus Blue Mallee oil*, Rosemary oil*. * Contains organic elements, alcohol-free or chemical-free

Health Canada NPN 80063203, 80080489

Remede De Marseille - Marseille's Remedy Thieved Oil Blend | Natural all things being eco chilliwack natural thieves oil

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