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SenzaBamboo - Childs Toothbrush


Great for your teeth! Great for the planet! SenzaBamboo's packaging and bamboo handles are biodegradable. Curved nylon bristles are tough on plaque and keep your gums healthy. Current technology for biodegradable bristles do not meet Senzacare's desired results so our bristles are top quality soft nylon bristles. When disposing of your toothbrush pluck the bristles with pliers and you have a biodegradable bamboo stick!
  • Around 2 billion plastic manual toothbrushes end up in landfills and oceans every year
  • Natural biodegradable bamboo handle with biodegradable packaging
  • BPA-free curved soft nylon bristles cleans between teeth and gums
SenzaBamboo - Child Soft Toothbrush biodegradable

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