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Tanit - Revolubar Household Cleaning Tabs


REVOLUBAR is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and economical cleaning solution for the entire home. Compressed into nothing but active, all-natural ingredients, these small tablets dissolve to create 500 mL of powerful cleaner in refillable glass spray bottles.

Buy lightweight refill tablets in 100% compostable pouches to stop plastic waste at the source, and use the REVOLUBAR glass spray bottle with cork sleeve again and again.

STEP 1. Pour 500 ml of hot water into the REVOLUBAR reusable spray bottle.

STEP 2. Add a REVOLUBAR cleaning tablet and let it dissolve completely.

STEP 3. Gently shake bottle before each use.


Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

> Cuts through grease, grime and calcium build up.

> Crafted with powerful natural enzymes that break down soil components into smaller pieces to eliminate them without the need to rub.

> Suited for a variety of surfaces such as ceramic, metallic sinks and appliances, tile floors and wood.

> Can be used as makeshift stain remover to vanish coffee, food or dried blood stains from clothes and other fabrics.


Ideal for everyday, regular cleaning of washable surfaces, including floors.

Provides effective cleaning power with an all-natural, biodegradable formula, and without leaving any residue behind.

Made with a concentration of citrus fruit acids to quickly penetrate dirt, loosen stains, and wipe away cleanly.

Also works to prevent static electricity, which attracts dust.

Tanit - Revolubar Household Cleaning Tabs
Tanit - Revolubar Household Cleaning Tabs
Tanit - Revolubar Household Cleaning Tabs

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